Detalii despre cartea Malec


Nu pot sa zic ca ma dau in vant dupa serial, dar ma uit doar pentru Magnus si Alec. Daca in carti nu am avut parte de prea mult Malec ,  nu cat as fi vrut eu, duh!, macar in serial sa avem parte . Stiati ca  o sa avem o serie doar cu ei ? OMFG! Primul volum se va numi The Lost book of the White si va fi o trilogie , pentru adulti. Personajele principale vor fi Alec si Magnus , dar se pare ca si Raphael Santiago . Trilogia se va centra pe viata lui Magnus, trecut , prezent si viitor, prima lui dragoste, inceputul relatiei cu Alec,  relatia cu parintii sai, plus multe alte  subiecte explorate pe parcursul a 3 volume care au urmatoarele titluri:

  • The Lost Book of the White
  • The Black Volume of the Dead
  • The Red Scrolls of Magic

Cartea va incepe cu acest citat “To desire immortality is to desire the eternal perpetuation of a great mistake” si calatoria lui Alec si Magnus in Europa  care a fost mentionata in Orasul Ingerilor Cazuti. Editura Corint a publicat pana acum trilogia Dispozitive Infernale,  seria Instrumente Mortale si primul volum din trilogia Uneltiri Intunecate , Doamna de la miezul noptii si este posibil sa publice si aceasta serie  mai mult ca sigur .

Trilogia se va numi The Eldest Curses  ( Bestemele celor in varsta ?) , va fi publicata in perioada ( nu este nimic concret ) noiembrie 2017 -primavara 2018 ,  si pana acum sunt doar cateva mici teasere .

Teaser #1

Magnus ached at the thought. It clamored for him to at least give Alec Lightwood a chance. But although Magnus looked nineteen, he was not a fool and not young in love, and hadn’t been for a long time. This relationship was likely a lost cause, a temporary fling at best.

He caressed Alec’s face and pulled him close as they stood in the middle of the path under the half-moon hidden behind a stream of dark clouds. Their lips pressed together, gently, and he felt an arm around his waist, and the pressure of their bodies squeezing together. Magnus could feel Alec’s heart pounding through his shirt, sending soft […]


Teaser #2

The two of them went straight for the bed, kissing and pulling and stumbling over each other, nearly falling over in the process. They tumbled onto the mattress in a tangle and clawed their way toward the headboard, hands in each other’s hair, on each other’s bodies, stirring each other to incandescent life.

Magnus tore himself away from Alec’s lips and yanked futilely at the knots that kept the bedsheet looped around the Shadowhunter’s body. “How did you tie this thing on?” he growled.

Alec, lips kiss-swollen and eyes dazed with desire, didn’t seem able to respond — he just went for the buttons on Magnus’ shirt with shaking fingers before eventually giving up and just tearing the garment apart down the middle, sending buttons flying across the room. Finally, more out of frustration that expediency, Magnus flicked his wrist at the bedsheet as if shooing away a fly and sent the entire thing fluttering somewhere over the Indian Ocean.

Alec raised his head to watch the sheet disappear. When he looked back at Magnus, the warlock was gazing down at him with a deep seriousness in his gold-green eyes. “You spend your entire life looking out and sacrificing for people,” Magnus said, and his gentle fingers traced their way along Alec’s bare torso, making him shiver. “It’s your turn to just lay back and relax …”


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  1. simonasworld says:

    Am incercat sa urmaresc serialul Shadowhunters, dar nu m-a prins…chiar deloc.
    Nu stiu daca am rezistat mai mult de 3 episoade.
    Din pacate cartile nu le-am citit…nu pot face o paralela intre ele si serial, dar ma astept sa fie mai bune ca serialul.


    1. Julia says:

      sunt, dar eu ma uit doar pt malec. atat. restul sunt de decor pt mine

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Audrey says:

    ❤ ❤ ❤


  3. ma bucur foarte mult ca o sa fie o carte despre cei doi, sunt minunati :* :*


  4. Cărțile nu le-am citit


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