10 reasons why you should read Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom

I’m not a “chill” reader. When I read a book and is good, it affects my every nerve and every pore. I feel the book, I live the book. Therefore, reading in the evening or night takes things to a new level, I feel like Nina on parem. That was a book pun, see? Read the book so you can get it.

Reason number 1

The books are golden, let’s face it. There’s nothing really similar to it. It’s good old robbery and crime. When people with pretty much not so much in common gather together and literally screw everybody.


Reason number 2

The books are so badass to a level I can’t even describe. Am I limping? Make me a crow headed cane and give me a cool fedora and trench coat and look how everybody wants to cross the street because they know me, they know dirty hands, they know what I do. Short and dark color tone? We heard about the wraith but never saw her. Your father is a rich bastard? Come here. Boyfriend in prison? No problem. Rip their hearts out. Tall and good with guns? We found your pair. Don’t understand a single word of what I just said? Read the books.


Reason number 3

The story. Each one of the characters is unique in their own and has so much backstory and so much to offer. Each time there was a background story flashback I was so surprised to see the story behind the character, so intrigued and yet so fascinated.


Reason number 4

The plot twists, Jesus Christ the plot twists.


Reason number 5

The writing. The book is so well written and there’s so much thought in each phrase. It goes so easy to read especially after you get hooked on, you literally can’t stop and you just want more and more.

Copy of bdf4ef2796ed7bf799436b7fd48dcbba.jpg

Reason number 6

The characters. Each one of them is built so well and they’re so distinct from each other. They have their own perks and their own ravishing personality that keeps filling my soul with their being.


Reason number 7

The relationships between the characters. WELL, what can I say I usually smell when one of those things pop up but not this time hun,  and I’m not going to spoil it for you because you need to READ THE BOOKS. What can I say is that I was not expecting that to be so good.



Reason number 8

It’s Grishaverse hun. It’s Leigh Bardugo and her world. You’ll see some references from that too.



Reason number 9

Kaz Brekker. You need to read it for him.


Reason number 10

Read them so you can understand this photos and laugh your ass off at them. Read them because I can assure you, you won’t lose your time.




Catherine xoxo.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. I have read Six of crows and it’s one of my favourites books. Good article. Certainly i will read Crooked Kingdom this year.


  2. Roxanam1412 says:

    Six of crows is my favourite. The cover is amazing and the characters are really cool. I can t wait to read Crooked Kingdom these days..


  3. Mariana Marc says:

    I love this books ❤ are pure gold and full of imagination and creativity 👏


  4. You make an excelent case for these Six crows 🙂 . I’ m pretty interested right now!


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