Cartea originala vs Editia de film

Nu credeam ca exista vreo problema in identificarea diferentelor dintre cele doua dar am primit diverse intrebari in ultimul timp asa ca m-am gandit sa creez o postare in care sa limpezesc lucrurile. In primul rand, asemanarea dintre cele doua (si cea mai importanta) este continutul povestii. Firul narativ al povestii nu este schimbat fata... Continue Reading →

Why read The Cruel Prince

Cruel Prince by Holly Black is a Young Adult Fantasy book that will bring sunshine in your life, will fix all of your problems and will learn you how to put knives under pretty boys throats and make them beg for their life. Jude was seven when her parents were murdered and she and her... Continue Reading →

Books based on Video Games

We all know that books have inspired lots of things such as movies (no examples needed, they're just too many) video games (Metro 33, The Witcher, The Binding of Isaac) and so on, but there are some exceptions as well, where the books were the one created after the games . Here is a list... Continue Reading →

Y.A. Novels inspired by Fairy Tales

A fairy tale, a wonder tale or magic tale is a folklore genre that takes the form of a short story. The characters are usually magical entities and the storyline has a moral tale that usually ends with a happy ending. Nowadays there are more and more upcoming remakes from your favorite movies based on fairytales. The best part is that there are... Continue Reading →

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