One Christmas Star Blog Tour

‘I’m not going to beat around the proverbial bush, Ray but, making both main channels’ breakfast news and This Morning for something like this, well, it isn’t going to win you any BRIT awards any time soon.’ He blew out a breath then, realising that he did have to do something. But what? He put... Continue Reading →

Magic under the Mistletoe Blog Tour

I learnt a few new things during the flight. Firstly, that a child awakes with renewed energy after only a couple of hours sleep. When I say energy, I mean Hayden turned his attention to climbing up the back of the seat in front of him. He almost succeeded in launching himself over the top... Continue Reading →

The Wallflower Wager Blog Tour

Hello, lovelies. It's my turn in the blog tour for this lovely book so scroll down to read an exclusive chapter from The Wallflower Wager by Tessa Dare . And definitely check out the book published by Mills and Boon because you're gonna love it. And please check the other blog stops . Over her... Continue Reading →

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